The social media network ‘LinkedIn’ was created by Reid Hoffman in 2002, and was officially launched in 2003. It is essentially an online networking site for businesses and individuals, allowing professionals in the business world to keep connectedwith industry experts/ people in the business and job opportunities. LinkedIn has the slogan “Relationships matter” which straight away refers to creating a comfortable hub for business relationships it allowing professionals to maintain contacts they trust.

Reid Hoffman ‘had previously founded two other social networking companies – the first one was SocialNet back in 1997…’ ( ) , since then tried thinking up new social media networks and created LinkedIn for professionals in the business. Hoffman invested $700K into the business himself along with a $4.7M from Sequoia Capital, as it had the money supporting the site it was up and running quickly and hit its first ‘4,500 members’ in the first month. More recently LinkedIn has reached its 100 million member mark, and ‘As of the 30th of September 2011 professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate that is faster than two new members per second.’ ( AboutUs ).

The USP of LinkedIn is that it is an easier way of networking in the business world, a quick and simple way of exchanging contacts. It is described as ‘a stack of 100million business cards- 98,425ft…. consider Mt Everest is 29.029ft’ you can imagine how high your business networking could become if you join the site. It has also been described as the ‘Facebook of business’ or ‘Facebook in a suit’ , as it is initiating useful apps for the audience of professionals, such as; slideshare, google presentations and wordpress.

To join LinkedIn you simply join up on the site , add your personal details and your current position and wham you’re in. Students can join (especially media students) as it unlocks job opportunities you wouldn’t necessarily find outside LinkedIn, and it also allows you to read about the current issues in your area of interest for employment in the future. Figures show It is mainly used by 35-44 year olds, and surprisingly facts show more females use LinkedIn than men according to